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Character birthdays and fanart.

Hello, everyone!

I'm collecting character birthdays for a small project I have in mind, would you mind correcting if I have any wrong or filling those I'm lacking if there's such info available?
Thank you so much!

Mikado: March 21
Masaomi: June 19
Anri: October 31
Shizuo: January 28
Izaya: May 4
Shinra: April 2
Ruri: August 8
Celty: ? (does she have a bday?)
Kadota: ?
Karisawa: ?
Walker: ?
Togusa: ?
Simon: ?
Mika: ?
Seiji: ?
Namie: ?

Also, not to make this entry pointless, here's a fanart of Masaomi I drew the other day:

In the Sky.
by *inma on deviantART
Tags: !questions, fanworks: fanart
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