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Durarara Light Novel Volume 1 COMPLETELY Translated To English!!

Yeah hey guys.

Just wanted to say, I am finally done with the first light novel.

Like, I've translated every chapter, including the ones they have on BakaTsuki.

Obviously I couldn't have done it by myself, since there was once I was spamming anni_fiesta with questions about certain parts of the translation. So a big shoutout and thank you to her!!

I also have to thank Google Translate because it was really useful sometimes for some hard parts and Thesaurus.com for well, the synonyms and stuff.

Anywho, you're probably not interested in all that lol.

Hence, without further ado:

(fake cut to mah journal)

Sorry about all the shameless advertisement orz

I'll be doing a lot of editing, (self)beta-ing these days and replacement of pictures with bigger ones. Anyone is welcome to help. Then I'll FINALLY start on the second novel. And I'll be releasing a PDF for it sometime soon.

Thanks for reading guys.
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