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Selling: DRRR DVDs

So as my fandom is slowly moving away from DRRR, and having troubles with money, I've decided to sell my DVDs. I don't have the complete set for it, but have a few.

All of them are Limited Editions and were either played once or never. I'll be selling only what are seen on the pictures for each DVDs. Character Cards are still available with them.

Volume 1
Note: For the Special CD case, the top side of the case is cracked. (views 1, 2) This, however, is the way how I received it when I bought it, so I am not really responsible for the crack. Apart the crack, everything else is fine and safe.
Price: 45

Volume 2
Price: 55

Volume 3
Price: 55

Volume 4
Price: 55

Volume 7
Price: 60

Volume 8
Price: 60

Volume 9
Price: 60

Volume 13
Price: 65

DRRR Event DVD(no first press limited card)
Toyonaga Toshiyuki(Mikado)
Miyano Mamoru(Kida)
Hanazaya Kana(Anri)
Sawashiro Miyuki(Celty)
Kamiya Hiroshi(Izaya)
Ono Daisuke(Shizuo)
Nakamura Yuichi(Kadota)
Kaji Yuki(Yumasaki)
Takagaki Ayahi(Karisawa)
Price: 65
Please either comment here or pm me if you are interested.
Tags: !merchandise, !sales
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